Big Mama Elle

Big Mama Elle is your typical mother hen in her mid-twenties.  She’s an artsy mom who has embarked on this journey with her male counterpart, Drax.  The two met at work brought together by a trenchcoat and the rest is history.

Babyzilla PX

Together they have a one-year-old babyzilla, PX.  He prefers to call his parents mo-mah and yah-dee, and never waves goodbye but only hello.  He enjoys pink bunnies, Flo Rida, watching Beyonce music videos, eating tofu, and Curious George.  If it makes noise, he will find it and play with it.

They are waiting on their newest (and possibly final) addition, Rizzle.  She’s scheduled to join big mama’s house at the end of April and so far is proving to be just as crazy and stubborn as the original cast.